helen’s bday 07

celebrated helen’s bday at vivo yday
had dinner had The Mussel Guys

helen got us chocs from a choc fair

it’s costs $4.50 each

Mixed sauteed mushrooms

pathetic, 2 mushrooms sliced
and where’s the ‘mixed’?

spicy chicken wing
this is nice but a little salty

sambal chilli chicken chop

grilled chicken fillet

seafood baked rice

grilled sirloin steak

lamb chop

helen, me and serene

shuhui and wenqing

we got a bday cake from bakerzin

Jivara cake – we love it!
crispy base, strong hazelnut flavour
ahh~ i want more!

helen with her cake

her gifts from us
a top, handbag and fossil wallet

she was so busy with her gifts
we left her alone and took pics without her
hahazZz~ she has changed her wallet at last!

we might be going to the zoo
on National Day
hurray~!~ fun fun fun!

know wat?
i made 100++ phone calls today
neva made so much phone calls in a month
and today… all in 1 day
wahahahaa~ breaking my own record

a day of relaxationz-

had tuition for my nephew
he always have some ‘new stuffs’
to show off…

this time it’s a transforming Lays ball
original colour

you have to throw e ball
it somehow flips

tadaa… colour changed

made another cage
for my new bunny
didn’t take a pic of tat
e cage is bigger than chubbie’s cage

anyways~ i miss chubbie a lot!
he’s getting better
not rolling as much as before
his head is not so tilted

i tried making choc orange cupcakes
must perfect my skill of baking

e small cupcakes

i bake big cupcakes
woo~ they look so yummy

bare cupcakes…
where’s my icing?

top with choc icing
yummy! yummy! yummy!

dun you wan some too?

going vivo later
celebrate helen’s bday
dinner at figs & olive
hmm… sounds nice


cut my finger with pen knife
while making the invitation cards during work
quite deep, but not painful
no bleeding either…

thx to my manager for being nice
i didn’t scream lor
she just knew i cut my finger
hahazZz~ i’m always clumsy
even though i have been careful already

anywayz, manage to finish e cards
just didn’t do e ribbon part

gonna help my aunt
with cupcake baking tml
hope i get to bring some back too, hehz~
shld be yummy with me there to help

then gonna do bunny cage material shopping
making a new cage for my new bunny
happy happy~!

KEN noodles

finally had ramen at KEN noodles
we’ve postpone it lots of times

the little cozy restaurant

stewed egg ramen


wasn’t wat we expected
we were disappointed
soup wasn’t nice, was so-so only

e forums tat we read from
said it was really good, blar blar…
haixXx~ i felt cheated
even AMK S11 food centre sells better ramen

the stewed egg

compare it with Tampopo’s
which is heavenly~

i seriously prefer Tampopo more
though it’s more expensive but worth
comes with free flow green tea
while KEN has only ice water

more more!

went to a printing film
they print catalogues, restaurant menus
it’s so fun! love it~
compare the colour differences
then add yellow, add blue… red…

here’s e very nice fish otah from clementi
mum and dad got it today

not too spicy
with big chunks of fish meat

dunno where dad got this
cute and they have nice colours
so i just took pictures of them


do u noe tat i might
be adopting a rabbit on sunday
yes! e one with white eye rings
heh heh…

yummy’s and gift

last sunday…
got 2 tubs of ice-cream
was suppose to be $6+ per tub
but it was buy 1 get 1 free

rocky road and tin roof brownie

wahahahaa~ it’s prata time!

kambing soup aka mutton soup

teh tarik, foamy~

masala with egg thosai
really big, can’t finish

looks delicious~ close up

oh, this is the pendant
i helped mag make for her fren
looks like something is missing

the gift box


i did 1 hour OT today
was suppose to see rabbit after work
so have to go late lo
was 8.15pm by e time i reach seng kang

damn it hungry
had no choice but grab some bites
curry crab from breadtalk
looks like a monster
with nipples on its back

this is e rabbit we’re gonna adopt
cute hor? it’s opposite of chubbie
chubbie has black eye ring
this one has white eye rings

hope the owner lets us adopt it
hmm… please let me have it~

wanna see my lunch box for tml?
here it is! pasta with hotdog
and fried chicken patty

i’ve got to work tml
prepare invitation cards
putting them into envelopes
stick labels and stamps
it’s gonna be a busy day…


my lunch box for tml
fish head curry, lady’s finger
and gong bao chicken cubes

woo~ e steam egg i cook yday
was so nice, smooth like jelly
i love my lunch box
e egg doesn’t stick to e box

harry and my new lunch box

had dinner at S11 food centre, AMK central
cheap and nice ramen~

hot spiced beef ramen

chicken cutlet ramen

headed down to the NTUC at AMK hub
search around for nice lunch boxes
there wasn’t much choice

here is my new lunch box
biokips lunch box

watch ‘Harry Potter’
rate it: 2-half/5
too much talking, little action
i almost fell asleep…

prepared my lunch box just now
woohoo~ looks so yummy!
fish soup, hotdog and steam egg
who wants some?

looks yummy ya?

gotta sleep early… yawnz~