went shopping with mag at orchard
haiz~ so ma fan
dunno wat to buy

anywayz, e fun part
we had dinner at “Hip Diner USA”
it’s in Cineleisure
food was great

Fruity Freeze Peach

Fruity Freeze Raspberry

Potato Skins
nice, fragrant and a lil crispy

Hip Rooster
love e mash potato

Hip Nachos
those chillies are really very very hot
so we had to remove them


cavana, F4 , rice dumpling

had dinner at cavana
e one at Sun Plaza
so yummy~!~

black pepper chicken hotplate

teriyaki chicken hotplate

soup, looks plain but nice

watch Fantastic 4 “sliver surfer”
rate it: 3/5
not logical at all, stupid

my mummy made rice dumplings!
my favourite nonya dumplings
so so yummie~!~
with lots of fillings inside

gonna go prepare
going shopping with mag later