P.O.P, chubbie’s tilt

went to my bro’s P.O.P yday
quite boring lo
i even finish knitting a rose
and it’s so stupid

k… tat’s my bro
demonstrating basic skills

facing the enemy

and he’s fallen

refreshments were ok
just wat he used to eat in camp
leftovers became his breakfast

dad, mum and him

bro and me

gonna show u all pics of chubbie
with his head tilted
on wed afternoon, was like this

imaging it was worse
than e pic above on tuesday
with endless clockwise circling
i have e video of it
but i do not think u wanna see it

today, much better obviously
he’s already used to it when
giving him ear drops

oh ya, new games
– diner dash: restaurant rescue
– diner dash: Flo on the Go
– Belle’s Beauty Boutique
– Stand O’ Food (i haven tried tis yet)

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