chubbie is better already
head not so tilted
is running about without falling
only fell when i gave him ear drops

head is not tilted sometimes
when he keeps running around
so yah, better liaoz…

Poor Chubbie!

chubbie is down with an ear infection
and has got parasites in its gastric
really saddens me a lot…

its head is tilted to e right
keeps shaking his head
walking a circles, clockwise
losing balance, keep falling down
and it looks very very very uncomfortable

brought it to e vet tis morning
costs us S$81.40 with 5 medications
so expensive… but can’t help it

took me very long
to get chubbie to take its meds
hope it feels better right now
i’ve given all e care that i could provide

went to IMM today
after taking care of chubbie
had dessert at Ajitei
nice! worth a try

got 3 things today
dvd player, PC speaker and tower fan
all 3 for less than $100
so cheap rite… heh

oh well, got to read up more
abt chubbie’s head tilt