interview + fun

went for a interview at TTSH
for a job in OT
think i kind of flunk it
oh~ nevamind…

chubbie has been good today
didn’t poop or pee around e room
and he loves me so, misses me a lot
follows me around

i decided to let him run in e living room
and he has gotten too hyper
forgotten about his toilet training
and pee on e floor rite after his run

well tat’s all for today!

dinner at NYNY

went AMK hub, meet up
with Serene, WenQing, Qiting and Shuhui
had dinner at…

all of us

pumpkin soup
too creamy, disgusting

BBQ spare ribs

chicken chop

Mo Mushroom

cream fish pasta

cream bacon pasta

chocolate fondue

Wei Xiong joined us halfway during dinner
4 years neva see him le
so much slimmer and eyes are bigger

after dinner we went to a void deck
to blow candles and eat cake

my birthday cake

all of us!

thx for spending the day with me
F.R.I.E.N.D.S foreva!

e rest of e pics:
*some pics are missing