Trip in Malaysia

it was a boring trip…
only 1 activity is memorable

the tour group we joined

we went for breakfast at Taman Sentosa
food was great

Penang prawn noodle
i ordered RM3.50 de

my mum’s RM4.50
very big difference leh

Ipoh Hor Fun

Curry Chicken Noodle

Yong Tau Fu

Dim Sum

2nd stop: fruit farm
no fruits at all
they promote their honey instead
waste time…
didn’t buy any honey lo

3rd stop: Chinese herb farm
quite small… but quite a variety

herb farm


pretty blue flowers

pink flowers

nice rite… heh


lunch was okay
we had butter baby lobsters


4th stop: Ostrich Farm
didn’t go in, got to pay RM8
just to see ostriches
waited for the kids to come out

5th stop: Fireflies
this is e place to take e boat
to see fireflies

before tat we had dinner
somewhere around

we had to wait till a certain time
when the fireflies will come out
finally got on the boat

bird nests under the bridge
nah, tat isn’t the show of the day

on e way to see fireflies

couldn’t get any pics of the fireflies
too bad… u jus cant imagine
it’s like all the trees turned into
christmas trees, all around u
twinkling away like stars
ahh~ so pretty!

some fireflies flew pass too
they’re so small
but they give out pretty light
envious rite? heh heh…