add ons

waiting for bus

queue gets longer

and longer…

fun with cartoons

was playing with sis’s project yday
taking pics of them, “mini-me”
it’s so fun~!~

dunno wat’s wrong with my phone
there’s a little black dot there
just can’t get rid of it, irritating thingy

mix 1

mix 2

powerpuff gals

waiting for?

jus came back from woodlands library
borrowed books on baking
gonna start baking stuffs pretty soon
shld i start selling my cookies and cakes?
somebody gimme some advise… pls~

looking forward to e movie
so exciting~ a rat tat cooks

nth to do

mum n dad jus came back from Malaysia
from a distant relative’s wedding

e wedding gift, 2 sweets inside

they bought this back
mini kaya puff
the puff is too thick, very little kaya

chubbie is still the same
haiz~ a little better only
very very slow improvement

pasta, vet, chalet

something which i cook 2 days ago
cos i was hungry
then decided to cook something

brought chubbie to e vet yday
board a pretty bus
was used by nokia to advertise

chubbie has got severe head tilt
was given an injection of ivomec
hope he gets better

anywayz, e bill was cheap
26 dollars only
review consultation – $10
+ 2 injections and 1 medicine

we got another eye gel for $9
so it make e bill $35

i’ll be going to a chalet from thurs till sat
with my sec sch gang
time passes really fast
and we were still talking abt it on my bday


went shopping with mag at orchard
haiz~ so ma fan
dunno wat to buy

anywayz, e fun part
we had dinner at “Hip Diner USA”
it’s in Cineleisure
food was great

Fruity Freeze Peach

Fruity Freeze Raspberry

Potato Skins
nice, fragrant and a lil crispy

Hip Rooster
love e mash potato

Hip Nachos
those chillies are really very very hot
so we had to remove them


cavana, F4 , rice dumpling

had dinner at cavana
e one at Sun Plaza
so yummy~!~

black pepper chicken hotplate

teriyaki chicken hotplate

soup, looks plain but nice

watch Fantastic 4 “sliver surfer”
rate it: 3/5
not logical at all, stupid

my mummy made rice dumplings!
my favourite nonya dumplings
so so yummie~!~
with lots of fillings inside

gonna go prepare
going shopping with mag later


i did say i wanna make cupcakes rite?
here they are!

mini chocolate orange cupcakes

they smell so nice, like orange
but e icing was too sweet
and the cake is like cookie


went for my viral warts treatment today
haiz~ e SN today can murder me
anywayz, i had ice cream from Frutta La Viva

doesn’t it look yummy?

did a little marketing
got some lipton tea
nice~ must be hot when u drink it

Quietly Chamomile

got a little craving for baking
i wanna make chocolate cupcakes!
got a box of chocolate cake mix

update on chubbie:
– better on e whole
– walking a little
– better control of rolling
– lifts head up sometimes
– still eating and drinking well

Happy Fathers’ Day

celebrated father’s day at Suki Sakura
e one at Clementi
ate lots of food, felt great

pics of food:

side dishes

dim sum

baked scallops

deep fried items


Dory Fish


love the chocolate ones most!

ice creams

we sure tooks some photos
neva forget getting “memories”
something everybody will think of
ahh~ those good old days

family, bro still in camp
a little blur

2nd take, much better

mum and dad

dad and sis

sis and me

and only me!

short update on chubbie:
– still rolling but not as much as yday
– put thick towels around cage
to prevent him from getting hurt while rolling
– still eating and drinking well
– head still very tilted
– right eye is half closed

gotten worse

brought chubbie to another vet yday
e more popular one at Namly Place
Dr Ling gave him an injection

chubbie has gotten worse
head more tilted
with uncontrollable rolling

can see tat he is trying to stop rolling
by circling around instead
but still rolling…

still eating and drinking well
loves food as much as i do
so this is okay

just try not to carry him too much
or he’ll keep rolling
taking meds well
think he likes the syrup Dr Ling gave

resting well and not rolling