Johore Bahru

went for Javanese massage
good but still itchy. haha-

had lunch at a Hong Kong Restaurant
haven eat in JB for so long le!

Coffee float

it really floats, above e coffee!

Forever Love

Stir-fried udon noodle with prawn / chicken

Sliced beef black pepper spaghetti

did some shopping in Jusco
e cashier forget to scan
our 3 bottle pack yogurt drink
it is FOC, hahaz~

tis spicy roe sushi lives up to its name
‘surprise’ comes once roe is bitten

e normal roe sushi

then dinner we had porridge steamboat
not really steamboat lar
e person just simply pour in all dishes
we ordered… sadzZz~

find this damn funny on the menu

our steamboat!

crispy bean sauce pork
very nice~ so very crispy
even if i soak it in my porridge
the meat is very tender and juicy!

wat a day!

chubbie has been really naughty today
urinated at corner of room 3 times
my gosh~!~ so so naughty
cannot beat chubbie oso, cos he’s so cute

good thing is… chubbie is playful
eats from our hands, esp. carrots
so whenever i put my hands in front of him
he thinks there is carrots
and keeps following our hands

something i found when i reach home
a pretty box, must be something yummy!

durian pancake! yum yum…

i’m going Jb tml
for a nice massage
good food is waiting for me
be patient for updates tml. hehe