chubbie is here~!

had the chicken curry noodle
at yishun central

here’s my baby bunny!
his name is Chubbie…
a Netherlands Drawf

cost about $190
including cage and accessories
in fact i have saved a lot
by making the cage myself

how cute~ kawaii~
look at his pics

butt facing me

got him

look at my camera

eating hay

still eating hay

looking around

same size as the ball, haha-

notice the black patches on him
that’s wat makes him special

he has got a sister
but bought by a girl yday
dun like e gal
keep saying, “So cute~!”

while e bf get everything else
and e bf looks quite unhappy
poor little bunny
e gal doesn’t noe anything abt bunnies

sister bunny might be up for adoption soon!
tat’s wat i think…
think she got cheated $150, haha

here’s wat i got today
spongebob monopoly
cost only $13, so cheap!

spongebob and frenz

tat’s all for today
jus wanna show off my bunny, Chubbie
hee hee…

this very nice lo