Huimian’s bday!

finally able to meet up today
it’s so hard to find someday
where everybody is free

went to bugis
got presents for huimian
a bag, necklace and stuffs from Bodyshop

we were so hungry except mag, hahaz~
had coffee and cakes TCC
we chatted for quite sometime
while waiting for huimian to come

all our tea snacks!

devil’s choc

oreo cheesecake

my drink: Iced Minty Mocha

ying’s Caramel Hazelnut FrappĂ©

Char’s Oreo Mocha FrappĂ©

Mag’s Cinnamon Choc Mocha

wanted to eat at Sakae Sushi de
since Selene not here, hee.
cos she doesn’t like sushi

but we were quite full after our tea snacks
when huimian reach bugis
decided to eat at Pasta Mania
cos we were just not hungry

Selene called from Aust. Ahh~!~
very long neva hear her voice already
too bad ying have to leave early
Selene, we miss u lots!

she said she’ll be coming back soon
how great~!
faster make appointment leh…

all of our pics taken:
mag and me

ying and char

three of us

4 of us

all 5 of us, selene not here. haiz~

mian and ying

mian and me

mag and char

3 of us

mian and char

mian and mag

4 of us

char and me