pain~ sobz.

fingers in pain
but i’m still able to blog pretty well

went to national skin center today
due to the viral warts on my fingers
e doctor actually say i have drug allergy
to paracetamol (panadol)

how funnie~ i was in quite a shock
i’ve taken it so many times
there’s nothing wrong with me
e allergy was dated in year 1987
i was only 1 year old

did liquid nitrogen on it
was damn it painful lo
and i actually cried
at first, i was still able to take it
but there was too many for me to bear

my fingers after liquid nitrogen

i got a new handbag
was really cheap
u dun wanna noe whr i got it from

new handbag

had Carl’s Jr beef chilli cheese fries
it was so so yummy…

i’m eligible for the GST offset package!
wahahaa~ money just keeps coming my way
just in time for e package…
cos my birthday is in june

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