it’s a candy day!

went to Candy Empire today
got $10 worth of chocs
here’s wat i got

chocolate marshmallow roll
rate it : 3-half/5

peppermint treat
rate it: 4-half/5

some kind of choc from german
haven eat it yet, looks yummy

pick ‘n mix chocs
cherry ripe is nice
rate it: 4/5

then went to eat beef kway teow
at a pretty famous stall

beef balls

beef slices

and i’ve watched Spiderman 3 already
not a very good storyline
graphics was good
overall rating: 4/5

here are e photos i took
with my SNs on e last day of PRCP
the one beside me is my preceptor

together with SN jane

me, zhi lianz~

tat’s all, byez~