yday was e last day of PRCP
did junior jobs
cos i wanna rest

notice tat i actually didn’t noe
patient can go toilet bath or not
too long neva do AN job liao

made cookies for all e staff
hope there is enough to go around

took pictures with some staff nurses
but my SN haven upload them yet
so i dun have it now. haix~

after all of that
i went to Ang Mo Kio
to have porridge steamboat

must be thinking…
Ang Mo Kio where got porridge steamboat rite?
i tell u lar

it’s at e rooftop of this building

e front door

the environment is quite good
they use beach benches
so i dun like it

cos when u take e food from the steamboat
soup drops from the food
goes through e holes of the bench
and land on ur feet
painful lo, so have to be very careful

it’s cheap lar
got quite a variety
their finger foods are really nice
maybe should pay and eat finger foods only

our steamboat

all gone!

was very very full
value for money – s$13.90 per pax

gotta go look for job lo
wish me luck~!