my 3rd night was damn free lo
no more IV drips
shits lo, getting more free
making my night longer

decided to take 9 cases
help my SN do more report writing
cos she got 3 empty beds

in e morning, got 1 pt fall
lucky not my side if not die le

nobody heard the ‘thud’ sound
apparently e patient lay on floor
for quite some time
poor SN have to stay back write report

i helped to send e patient down
for urgent x-ray
in e end, i only pass report for 3 cases

helped my sis with some designs
for her poly projects
guess which one i help her with?

angel or nice side

evil or bad side

her other projects “Spongebob”
others include ‘Shin Chan’ and ‘Harry Potter’
by her friends

cute mahz?

The Hulk

today is Labour Day
went to give tuition for my cousin
tadaa~ cam whoring, hahaz
shitz, i hate those dark eye rings…

showing off his watches with pretty lights
watch number 1

watch number 2

wanna noe wat we do during tuition?
hahaz~ let u all take a peek