4D… argh!

met mag today
borrow camera from her
for my bday celebration
thx mag!

i’m buying 4D for this whole month
and today open my hp number
argh! under consolation prize

i buy small, neva buy big
lucky only $65
phew~ very little only

follow-up treatment

went to National Skin Center today
liquid nitrogen done on my warts again
e staff nurse removed the dead skin
surely, it does look a lot better

my fingers

chubbie is so naughty today
follows as when we walk around
just to lick our feet and legs
hahazZz~ so itchy…

licking, dunno why…

still licking away…

last night

after visiting my uncle in SGH
we went to Outram food market
for dinner

Fried Carrot Cake (black)

Fried Kway Teow

Fried Oyster

Yam Cake

Claypot Chicken Rice

with vegetables (haha~)

Steamed Bean Sauce Fish
this is very very yummy!
meat is very smooth…

Johore Bahru

went for Javanese massage
good but still itchy. haha-

had lunch at a Hong Kong Restaurant
haven eat in JB for so long le!

Coffee float

it really floats, above e coffee!

Forever Love

Stir-fried udon noodle with prawn / chicken

Sliced beef black pepper spaghetti

did some shopping in Jusco
e cashier forget to scan
our 3 bottle pack yogurt drink
it is FOC, hahaz~

tis spicy roe sushi lives up to its name
‘surprise’ comes once roe is bitten

e normal roe sushi

then dinner we had porridge steamboat
not really steamboat lar
e person just simply pour in all dishes
we ordered… sadzZz~

find this damn funny on the menu

our steamboat!

crispy bean sauce pork
very nice~ so very crispy
even if i soak it in my porridge
the meat is very tender and juicy!

wat a day!

chubbie has been really naughty today
urinated at corner of room 3 times
my gosh~!~ so so naughty
cannot beat chubbie oso, cos he’s so cute

good thing is… chubbie is playful
eats from our hands, esp. carrots
so whenever i put my hands in front of him
he thinks there is carrots
and keeps following our hands

something i found when i reach home
a pretty box, must be something yummy!

durian pancake! yum yum…

i’m going Jb tml
for a nice massage
good food is waiting for me
be patient for updates tml. hehe

more chubbie~!~

more pics of chubbie
how cute!

very close up

running all over in bedroom


big achievement yday
he didn’t dare to step out of cage himself
so i carry him out
make him get used to e bedroom

now, he’s running in and out of cage by himself
how cute… he’s not so scared of me anymore

oh~ he loves eating carrots
finished his little piece of carrot at one go
i’m going to get more toys for chubbie later!

1st job interview

went for my job interview at Orchard
an aesthetic clinic in Ngee Ann City
nice environment and people there are nice

the doctor very funny lo
keep saying ‘thank you’ while interviewing me
very friendly oso, very good

think i’ll be able to get the job
hahaz~ 90% chance

chubbie is here~!

had the chicken curry noodle
at yishun central

here’s my baby bunny!
his name is Chubbie…
a Netherlands Drawf

cost about $190
including cage and accessories
in fact i have saved a lot
by making the cage myself

how cute~ kawaii~
look at his pics

butt facing me

got him

look at my camera

eating hay

still eating hay

looking around

same size as the ball, haha-

notice the black patches on him
that’s wat makes him special

he has got a sister
but bought by a girl yday
dun like e gal
keep saying, “So cute~!”

while e bf get everything else
and e bf looks quite unhappy
poor little bunny
e gal doesn’t noe anything abt bunnies

sister bunny might be up for adoption soon!
tat’s wat i think…
think she got cheated $150, haha

here’s wat i got today
spongebob monopoly
cost only $13, so cheap!

spongebob and frenz

tat’s all for today
jus wanna show off my bunny, Chubbie
hee hee…

this very nice lo