shopping spree-

i went out with sis
since she dun have school

took some pics at e bus stop
it’s always boring to wait for a bus

i love myself~

had lunch at Subway
my all-time favourite ‘turkey ham’

i got a heart-shaped capsicum

we stop at a lot of places
Orchard, Somerset, PS and Bugis
sure is crazy ya
cos sis can’t find wat she wants

sis bought 1 shorts, 1 denim skirt
3 shirts and a pair of shoes
i bought some beads only
cos i was there as my sis ‘fashion consultant’

we had KFC for dinner
decided to try ‘Meltz’
it’s a fattening day but no worries
cos i’ve lost more weight recently


this look so delicious~!

going do night duty today
i think i won’t be able to take it
neva missed any sleep before
die le lar~

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