day spoiled

i’ve already talked to sister yday
so all she talk abt is e day
which i was late
blar blar… yah
i admit it’s my fault

so wat happen today…
i was going to off soon
and i just went back to ward
after a session with a few sisters
didn’t pass report or get any report

then got this LADY
call me, tell me in a ‘agitated voice’
“my father jus came back from dialysis
nobody has clean him up yet.”

fei hua… of course haven’t lar
just come back-
and who would be free to sponge
after passing report? nobody

so i went to tell some yr 1 ITE students
and PM shift assistant nurse
obviously, nobody is going to sponge immediately

so that LADY thinking
tat i did not do anything
went and tell another staff nurse to clean up
e staff nurse of course say not free mah

then she come to me, say me
“i told u to clean up my father
but u did not do anything at all”

i replied,” i did tell somebody to do it.
e students there and a AN.”

she said,”those students are new
i don’t even want to talk to them.”

*hello, u looking down at people?*

let me explain this part:
– patient can sit up
– patient surely can help
– e students have been in ward for a week
– students have been taught how to sponge
– tis is not e 1st time she complain of
her father not being sponged

a staff nurse came and settle e problem
she oso tell e students to do it wat

so concern abt her father
then can order us around
go get a maid or private nurse lar
or even better –> D.I.Y
some more pay subsidized rate only
dun expect too much lo

seriously, some ppl dun show respect for nurses
they’re so low class… low class.

lucky won’t be seeing tat patient for a week
next schedules:
off, off, AM, off, off, ND, ND, ND, SD
go complain lo, nobody cares anyway