busy day and binge

stupid lar…
e sister suddenly tell me
“i want to talk to u.
u come and find me later.”

spoil my day
totally no mood to do stuffs
keep wondering wat she’s going to say

yday was so busy
i neva go for break lo
these few days busy like hell
my staff nurses neva go break lo

i’m taking 1 cubicle
so many things to handle
have a lot of things to ask and ask
keep forgetting a lot of things

sometimes it’s good if the SN reminds me
but yday, i’m totally on my own!
e SN not helping at all
even serving meds, she keep “wait wait”
like only she got things to do
then other pple not impt

i think i missed out a lot of things yday
SN not guiding me
till PM shift SN came and helped me

after passing report, i went to sister
u noe wat she told me?
“Another day can?
today i talk a lot, cheeks very tired.”

idiot, if she not sister
if i’m not desperate to pass my PRCP
i would have kicked her
and make sure she fly to Africa

took bus 157
to Adam Road Food Market
got nice nasi lemak there

Full House – $4

Royal Rumble – $5

and Hershey’s kissables

look like toys
and it’s not nice at all
worse than M&m’s
by e way i dun like M&m’s too…