it was so busy today
so many things to handle
have to keep rushing
and i keep forgetting a lot of things

my staff nurse hor
really memorize my name
keep “yinglu! yinglu!”
then i keep “what? what?”
“You call me fer wat?”
hee hee…

sister come say me and staff nurse lo
same stupid thing…
say we neva help AN
nvm abt this wu liao person
my staff nurse oso angry with her

they say this PRCP got allowance leh
i dunno leh…
good lo now, got money le

anyways, just wanna show u all
my favourite ‘yong taufu’ from Kampar
very very nice lo, i love it a lot!
it’s chewy and toufu itself is very fragrant

my parents brought it back
cos they went back Kampar
due to ‘Qing Ming’

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