now… hmm?

PRCP is hell if tat sister
is same shift as me
she’s damn pro lo

e telephone just rang
the clerk was jus beside
so i neva pick up
cos i noe e clerk will

then sister say…
u all should learn how to answer calls
phone ring so long oso neva pick
u try calling then nobody pick
how u feel?

i was like… hello?
phone didn’t even ring for 30 secs
her reaction very fast
watever oso can say

anywayz~ my preceptor
dunno how to say lar, hahaz
happy-go-lucky and very ‘anything’

IV drip tubing due for change
she jus take another sticker
write a new date
and stick over e old one

quite pro oso huh
this preceptor hor
cannot follow too much

yday PM shift
today AM shift
i was late~ haiz.
woke my daddy up to send me there
but still late lar
better then taking bus, rite?