bad mood.

stupid lar…
the ward sister, i dun like her
this other PRCP student oso
she say she take 1st cubicle
then ok, i take 2nd

but when sister ask
she say she 2nd cubicle oso
idiotic dumb ass

then sister say angrily at me
-why u 2 in same cubicle?
– one of u go over (pointing at me)
– wat are u waiting for! go now!

i was like… wat the heck?!
wasn’t my fault oso
so obvious tat sister is bias lo

after report
my preceptor come to me
ask me to go back 2nd cubicle
i just told her straight,
i dun have e report there
how to go back?

anywayz, my preceptor is nice lar
she knows very well who’s fault it is
and luckily, for my next few shifts
i won’t be seeing tat sister
it’s e other very nice sister

i got menses today oso lo
then my HCA got scolded
by another sister…
everybody’s mood is bad today

went to have early dinner
at Magic Wok

pineapple fried rice

Phad Thai

lemon chicken

i’m so angry with my computer now
argh! it’s giving me stupid problems