2nd night

still dun like it
i’m lacking sleep!
i’ve only slept for 4 hrs
and i can’t get back to sleep

i’ve got a patient
and she’s got a maid
e maid looks like her daughter
wear till so nice lo
somemore i thot she’s a Eurasian

got this doctor
i want him to put up ‘Straight Leg Traction’
so i went to assist him
in e end, i was doing the bandaging
and he was assisting me

funny sia~
i might as well do it myself
for wat i keep msging him to come and do
waste my time

i keep getting confuse with the dates
thot today is 29
later when i go back to work
i’ll think tml is 30 when i write report

1st night duty

k, i definitely hate night duty
i can’t have proper sleep
used to having long night sleep
but not a long afternoon nap

my 1st night was boring
cos there’s no new admission
my preceptor let me use e computer
play games… blar blar…

always bring patients to toilet
sianz~ i want do changes!
i wanna sleep more~
sob sob…

fabulous lunch

had lunch with at Yishun Central
they have e best laksa, popiah
and dessert…
just can’t resist them


* without cockles and extra chilli

honey sea coconut
i usually order ice jelly cocktail

going to take a nap
before i go for my night duty

shopping spree-

i went out with sis
since she dun have school

took some pics at e bus stop
it’s always boring to wait for a bus

i love myself~

had lunch at Subway
my all-time favourite ‘turkey ham’

i got a heart-shaped capsicum

we stop at a lot of places
Orchard, Somerset, PS and Bugis
sure is crazy ya
cos sis can’t find wat she wants

sis bought 1 shorts, 1 denim skirt
3 shirts and a pair of shoes
i bought some beads only
cos i was there as my sis ‘fashion consultant’

we had KFC for dinner
decided to try ‘Meltz’
it’s a fattening day but no worries
cos i’ve lost more weight recently


this look so delicious~!

going do night duty today
i think i won’t be able to take it
neva missed any sleep before
die le lar~


went Causeway Point to shop a little
i felt a need to spend some money
since i got some profit from
buying and selling shares
*just a form of investment

got 2 pairs of jeans from Giordano
for only s$15 each, so cheap!
wahahaa~ going get another 3 tops
cos it’s out of stock
and the salesgirl reserved it for me

watch “200 pounds”
rate it: 4-half/5
damn nice lo
and the actress so so pretty
ahh~ i got so focus on her

the soundtracks!
i must get them. yup.

Japanese curry!

cooked japanese curry
so nice~!~ i ate a few bowls
even pack 1 lunchbox for tml

the packet i bought

inside looks like tat

after cooking…
1 big pot of curry
for 10 people. hahaz-

end product: curry don
yummy, irresistible…

i’m so happy today
so full now… hmm…

i love ‘OFF’ days

gave tuition, got my pay
did a little beads and crystal shopping
made new stuffs

i’m getting better at it
my products are getting prettier
woohoo~!~ i love it

e greatest benefit?
i can wear them myself
unlimited stock of accessories

I’m off tml
gonna cook some japanese curry
yummy~ so looking forward to it
i’m so hungry now
i can eat a big pot of curry

day spoiled

i’ve already talked to sister yday
so all she talk abt is e day
which i was late
blar blar… yah
i admit it’s my fault

so wat happen today…
i was going to off soon
and i just went back to ward
after a session with a few sisters
didn’t pass report or get any report

then got this LADY
call me, tell me in a ‘agitated voice’
“my father jus came back from dialysis
nobody has clean him up yet.”

fei hua… of course haven’t lar
just come back-
and who would be free to sponge
after passing report? nobody

so i went to tell some yr 1 ITE students
and PM shift assistant nurse
obviously, nobody is going to sponge immediately

so that LADY thinking
tat i did not do anything
went and tell another staff nurse to clean up
e staff nurse of course say not free mah

then she come to me, say me
“i told u to clean up my father
but u did not do anything at all”

i replied,” i did tell somebody to do it.
e students there and a AN.”

she said,”those students are new
i don’t even want to talk to them.”

*hello, u looking down at people?*

let me explain this part:
– patient can sit up
– patient surely can help
– e students have been in ward for a week
– students have been taught how to sponge
– tis is not e 1st time she complain of
her father not being sponged

a staff nurse came and settle e problem
she oso tell e students to do it wat

so concern abt her father
then can order us around
go get a maid or private nurse lar
or even better –> D.I.Y
some more pay subsidized rate only
dun expect too much lo

seriously, some ppl dun show respect for nurses
they’re so low class… low class.

lucky won’t be seeing tat patient for a week
next schedules:
off, off, AM, off, off, ND, ND, ND, SD
go complain lo, nobody cares anyway


my clinical instructor told me that
the sister who is going to mark me
is officially not that crazy one!

wahahahaa~ phew-
lucky not her.
i’m not scared of her liaoz
my instructor tell me dun care abt her

funny sia~
so wat if she’s e oldest sister?
nobody likes her…
tat’s kind of sad for her
poor thing

busy day and binge

stupid lar…
e sister suddenly tell me
“i want to talk to u.
u come and find me later.”

spoil my day
totally no mood to do stuffs
keep wondering wat she’s going to say

yday was so busy
i neva go for break lo
these few days busy like hell
my staff nurses neva go break lo

i’m taking 1 cubicle
so many things to handle
have a lot of things to ask and ask
keep forgetting a lot of things

sometimes it’s good if the SN reminds me
but yday, i’m totally on my own!
e SN not helping at all
even serving meds, she keep “wait wait”
like only she got things to do
then other pple not impt

i think i missed out a lot of things yday
SN not guiding me
till PM shift SN came and helped me

after passing report, i went to sister
u noe wat she told me?
“Another day can?
today i talk a lot, cheeks very tired.”

idiot, if she not sister
if i’m not desperate to pass my PRCP
i would have kicked her
and make sure she fly to Africa

took bus 157
to Adam Road Food Market
got nice nasi lemak there

Full House – $4

Royal Rumble – $5

and Hershey’s kissables

look like toys
and it’s not nice at all
worse than M&m’s
by e way i dun like M&m’s too…