Serene’s Bday

celebrated serene’s birthday yday
decided to meet at 7pm
but serene late lo
she came at 7.15pm
nvm, she birthday gal mah

went to n.y.d.c at Suntec
there is lots of ppl
got to wait for seats till 8.30pm

helen was so late
she came at 8.45pm
kept us worrying
if she got lost on her way
cos her handphone was flat

Serene’s oven baked pasta

Shuhui’s and mine: Three Amigos

Helen’s Mushroom Ham

Wenqing’s spaghetti

our oven-baked was so so cheesy
it’s very chewy
till we got tired of eating

we ordered a mudpie

we got serene a jacket from Espirit
and a cake from Four Leaves

e manager at n.y.d.c is stupid
we asked whether
we could have our cake there

he actually said:
we can blow the cake,
cut e cake
but cannot eat the cake there

wat’s e use of blowing and cutting anyway
we went e fountain of wealth park
and had our bday cake there

e cake

our bday gal

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

serene and me (so bright)