a new member

our new computer range member
my sister’s laptop!

it’s cheap~
lots of things included

we are cheapos
manage to get somebody’s wireless
who lives near us
and we just use it

she’s playing with it now
not bad lar
e internet speed quite fast

life in hospital…

PRCP… 3 days over.
still kinda lost, dunno wat to do
got a lot of year 2
so they finish most junior jobs

i dun like e sister
keep saying:
– i dun want to see u all with e SN
– u all shld be doing AN jobs
– i’ll fail u all if u dunno AN jobs

she’s threatening us lo
1. i got to inform anything impt
2. i’m reserving procedures like off cath
3. i’m surely not following SN!

today off duty
going accompany sis buy laptop
yawn- so sleepy~