went to JB with
my parents, aunt and me

we had lunch at City Square first
Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant

left – Cream Soup, watery
right – Borsch Soup, i like it

Iced Honey Lemon drink

Hot Coke with Ginger, not bad

Black Pepper Steak Rice

Stone Grilled Rice

Mark Six Curry with Spaghetti

Chocolate Snow Mellow
too milky, i really dun like this

Fresh Mango Snow Mellow
this is nice

after lunch we went for
Javanese Massage
it was my first time experience

this ginger tea is damn hot
i took at least 15mins to finish it

funny experience…
it was itchy but i cant laugh
it was painful but i cant scream
sometimes it’s comfy, wanna sleep
but i cant
cos pain comes rite after it

e lady promised us free spa
if we go the next session

went to Jusco, had our dinner
at Manhattan Fish Market
all of us shared a Platter for 2

the sauces, so little

bought Dunkin Donuts
read books in Popular
upgrade myself for my productions

something else…
think Cherub will be leaving me soon
stumbles whenever she walks
losing a lot of hair or fur

she’s eating and sleeping at e same time

and blu…
has got a lump on his right shoulder
poor thing…
he doesn’t look in pain by e way

bye for now. = p

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