no more exams

had my last paper today
it was ok, sure pass

hmm… some problems with my blog
background isn’t showing up
photobucket is resolving it now

took some photos in lecture hall K-2

aida and me (blur)

we had lunch at Naked Fish Shoppe
in Grassroots Club

us (blur)

us again

our drinks – lime juice and ice tea

my main course – Fins & Feathers
comes with breaded dory fillet
& grilled boneless chicken
with black pepper sauce

this is okay
dun really like e chicken
black pepper sauce is tasteless

e rest of them shared 2 sets
of seafood platter for 2
comes with salad

Mediterranean seafood platter

nisa veron and me

desert – mango pudding
it’s too sweet.

nisa and me

then we ordered a chocolate fondue for 2
5 of us shared it

oops. nisa lick tat off veron’s hand

karno and aida

all of us


i have no idea when nisa
took this candid shot
so ugly lo

outside e restaurant

and again… hahazZz
nisa holding on to e word molester

we were talking about
how we hate this pathway
it always the root problem
of us being late for school