Army boy

my bother is now a army boy
went to seletar camp to say farewell

our ‘little’ army boy

Seletar camp is very very big
all e buildings looks old
look at e canteen, big and creepy

they gave us these ‘gift packs’
so cheapo…
and we thought got rice inside the box

then they have this oath taking
was damn funny…

enlistees went like:
we the enlistees… *mumble*
… faith … *mumble* … enlistees…
*mumble*… Republic of Singapore…

e command officer suddenly:
some people were laughing away
geez~ that was really a turn off

enlistees’ ‘with all my life’
sound like they are dying
oh well… who can feel alive
with this kind of sentence

my bro’s identity card and tag

we meet up with bro for a while
chat a little…
think he’s going to drive army boats
will only be out after 4 weeks, i guess

then we said goodbye and
good luck, with his ‘dieting’ camp

after all that
we had brunch at jalan kayu
e coffee tarik like cappuccino

we shared a mutton murtabak
and e rest had some other pratas
was really filling…

shall end here…