Tampopo Ramen

wanted to go Ken Noodle House
but it was closed
how sad~

then i decided to go
another Ramen Shop ‘Tampopo’
at Liang Court


lots of variety

green tea, i like e cup

Black Pig Shabu Ramen

Pork Bone Kyushu Ramen


look at e egg, well done
its so so yummy~!~
*i still wanna eat more*

i like this vinegar with kelp
if added in soup
it tastes very yummy

cute chopstick cover with pig

and me! wahahaa~

i wanna eat this e next time i come

went to kinokuniya
upgraded myself with
more handicraft skills

phrase 1

phrase 2

phrase 3

phrase 4

phrase 5

Clarke Quay


lovely bridge

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