Tampopo Ramen

wanted to go Ken Noodle House
but it was closed
how sad~

then i decided to go
another Ramen Shop ‘Tampopo’
at Liang Court


lots of variety

green tea, i like e cup

Black Pig Shabu Ramen

Pork Bone Kyushu Ramen


look at e egg, well done
its so so yummy~!~
*i still wanna eat more*

i like this vinegar with kelp
if added in soup
it tastes very yummy

cute chopstick cover with pig

and me! wahahaa~

i wanna eat this e next time i come

went to kinokuniya
upgraded myself with
more handicraft skills

phrase 1

phrase 2

phrase 3

phrase 4

phrase 5

Clarke Quay


lovely bridge

last day of school

took a lot of pics too
got e pics from frenz

class photo
thank god… i dun have to edit e pics

second one
was damn disappointed with somebody

oh… we got A for our presentation


our remarks

in sch toilet

looking away – blur

again without aida

a pic of school

with aida

e 5 of us squeeze in this photo booth
to take pics

it was so hot inside
sweat like hell


sweaty us after the photo taking

together with Ms Jenny

went for tutorial
took a pic with ‘short hair joyce’

after tutorial
my legs so white… haha


gone crazy

the galz cried but not me

with muscle man

naughty muscle man

big breast

oh no!

hug hug with veron

pray pray pray
i must graduate this year
die oso must graduate