i was cheated by Mdm a**a *ui
idiot, tell me NAPFA start at 5.30 pm
reach there, e ppl say is 5pm
speechless leh…
neber mind~

photos taken during
last week of school

07 march 2007
aida and me
i’m holding veron’s cup

08 march 2007
relieving stress while studying in library
oh my, we really do make ourselves ugly

e ugly babes, haha

pigs! run!

see/hear/speak no evil

acting like chimpanzees:



acting like ‘Superstars’



aida, lick my butt

breastfeeding! dun peek lar…

squashed on e glass plane

proper pic – veron, me and nisa

my pencil case with ‘negative’ effect
very pretty rite…

karno was so extra… haha

pregnant karno

u dun wanna noe wat we’re doing…

nisa defending herself from ‘attacks’

veron and me


veron and me

after exam, veron, karno and i
went to AMK centre for dinner



black cat, so pretty!
veron kept feeding the cat

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