i was cheated by Mdm a**a *ui
idiot, tell me NAPFA start at 5.30 pm
reach there, e ppl say is 5pm
speechless leh…
neber mind~

photos taken during
last week of school

07 march 2007
aida and me
i’m holding veron’s cup

08 march 2007
relieving stress while studying in library
oh my, we really do make ourselves ugly

e ugly babes, haha

pigs! run!

see/hear/speak no evil

acting like chimpanzees:



acting like ‘Superstars’



aida, lick my butt

breastfeeding! dun peek lar…

squashed on e glass plane

proper pic – veron, me and nisa

my pencil case with ‘negative’ effect
very pretty rite…

karno was so extra… haha

pregnant karno

u dun wanna noe wat we’re doing…

nisa defending herself from ‘attacks’

veron and me


veron and me

after exam, veron, karno and i
went to AMK centre for dinner



black cat, so pretty!
veron kept feeding the cat

last day of school

its the last day of school
*i really pray it’s e last*

conclusion and evaluation for these 4 years

was really glad that i joined NR0307
everybody was friendly
we do have quarrels once in a while
every problem is settled really fast
u can say, we were very united

everybody trusts each other
knows everybody so well
talents, behaviour everything…

i still remember
mag was e first person who talked to me
and slowly we became a grp
mag, ying, char, sel and huimian

we neva do group projects together thou
dun have e fate, haha.
yup, we’re still close friends

i have to repeat year 1 modules
in year 2, regreted not studying well
could only join back with them in sem 2

but then again
i failed my attachment
hai~ haix~ haiz~
that was my last sem together with them

then i joined NR0416
impression was quite bad
cos i dun like a gal
who was from e same sec sch as me

did a project with 4 guys
i was e only gal
somemore… aids prevention
tat was a great presentation
e whole class was laughing

unlucky thing was…
i was in a group together with this gal
i was e leader
she completely turned down all my ideas
so i let her do everything lo
since she so “smart”

in e end, presentation sux
things went out of track
idiot… my worse project ever

during attachment
i became close with sangeetha
talk abt almost anything
we talk-behind-ppl’s-back
tat ‘gal’ lar, who else…

then i joined NR0407
dun like this class…
some ppl smile at u fakely
and give u e ‘go away’ look
while some will welcome u
with open arms

quite disappointed lar
cos u can’t trust a lot of ppl
the class has lots of conflicts
even between own project groups too

got into a project grp
thx to joyce and lingyan
they get most of e info
thx to evon for helping so much
thx to karno for helping me
with some things, cos my eng is bad
thx to veron for editing most of e info
*i hate editing*

Ros and Shashi, damn disappointed
say ‘i will do.’ somemore volunteer
in e end… bring everything to sch
less than 10% is done

hey, u got e same time as i do
but y i can finish but u can’t?
worse still, sleep in front of me
i was so pissed off!
while i still have to hurry
and finish ur part of the job

i can’t trust u with anything
hence, i named u ‘ATNA’
meaning ‘all-talk-no-action’
i agreed with veron going to Ms Lai
tat was too much
i rathered, u say ‘i dunno how to do’
and sit aside, daydream

sem 2 was better
cos i was in another group
mostly made up of:
veron, karno, nisa, aida and me

was much better
everybody do their stuffs
finish faster…
thx a lot to all of u
really, love all of ya

i did become disappointed
with ‘some friends’
can’t help it
‘tat’s wat friends are for~’

oh well, gotta go
NAPFA now…