last day of CNY

woke up at 8.45am today
so tired, i slept at 3am last night
cos we visited a uncle yesterday
a lot of ppl are there
got $30 angbao in total

went to teach my cousin tuition
he’s quite naughty today
haix~ mei ban fa

went out with serene, helen and wenqing
went to city hall
helen wanted to buy a new guitar
so we company her there

guitar taller than helen
wahahahaa- helen is small in size

wenqing want to eat ramen
hmm… ramen again
saw a ramen shop “Uma Uma Men”
so we just went in

the menu

wenqing and i ordered ‘miso cha shu’


soup was salty, like a lot of msg
egg half done which i like it
‘cha shu’ was a little too thick

helen’s ‘spicy cha shu’

serene’s ‘chicken karaage’
sorry, no pic of chicken
chicken came much later

agedashi tofu

soft shell crab

teriyaki salmon

fried pregnant fish

close-up fish eggs

desert ice cream
choc flavour outside, vanilla bean inside
very very nice

red bean soup with ‘tang yuan’

walk walk around
helen wanted to go Candy empire
so we go lo, since nothing to do
took some pics at Millenia Walk

Serene and Wenqing

helen and me

we didn’t expect FIREWORKS
my goodness, it was damn great
helen did a good deed
by requesting to go to Candy empire

here’s some pics of e fireworks:






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