no more presentations

had my last presentation today
my presentation skills sucks
hahazZz… i noe tat very well
i’m not a good speaker

the day before
we went to meet lecturer
she said we dun have a lot of stuff
so die-

all of us decided to stay till 9pm
we ordered Canadian pizza for dinner
and thx to Cherng Yang
cos all of us dun have much cash

time for pizza

the girls

still not able to finish
so veron, karno and nisa
went to aida’s house to stay over

so i went online
only did a few slides
and discuss with them
wat we had to do

slept at 2.30am
couldn’t help it
cos i still have diarrhoea and cough
have to take medicines
which makes me drowsy

while they slept really late
veron and aida slept at 5am
thx a lot to ya guys

after presentation
we went to ang mo kio, Ramen Ten
to celebrate!

all of us except karno

veron and me

my chicken karaage ramen


i’m aiming to go other ramen shops
hahazZz. next will be Ken Ramen House

look, aida was so tired
tat she sleep in sch toilet
*she knows i took this

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