Serene’s Bday

celebrated serene’s birthday yday
decided to meet at 7pm
but serene late lo
she came at 7.15pm
nvm, she birthday gal mah

went to n.y.d.c at Suntec
there is lots of ppl
got to wait for seats till 8.30pm

helen was so late
she came at 8.45pm
kept us worrying
if she got lost on her way
cos her handphone was flat

Serene’s oven baked pasta

Shuhui’s and mine: Three Amigos

Helen’s Mushroom Ham

Wenqing’s spaghetti

our oven-baked was so so cheesy
it’s very chewy
till we got tired of eating

we ordered a mudpie

we got serene a jacket from Espirit
and a cake from Four Leaves

e manager at n.y.d.c is stupid
we asked whether
we could have our cake there

he actually said:
we can blow the cake,
cut e cake
but cannot eat the cake there

wat’s e use of blowing and cutting anyway
we went e fountain of wealth park
and had our bday cake there

e cake

our bday gal

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

serene and me (so bright)

a new member

our new computer range member
my sister’s laptop!

it’s cheap~
lots of things included

we are cheapos
manage to get somebody’s wireless
who lives near us
and we just use it

she’s playing with it now
not bad lar
e internet speed quite fast

life in hospital…

PRCP… 3 days over.
still kinda lost, dunno wat to do
got a lot of year 2
so they finish most junior jobs

i dun like e sister
keep saying:
– i dun want to see u all with e SN
– u all shld be doing AN jobs
– i’ll fail u all if u dunno AN jobs

she’s threatening us lo
1. i got to inform anything impt
2. i’m reserving procedures like off cath
3. i’m surely not following SN!

today off duty
going accompany sis buy laptop
yawn- so sleepy~

1st day of PRCP

was kinda late for attachment
cos raining mah…
if not i would have reached by 7.45am

novena had lots of changes
so i crossed the underpass
came out…
and i was like: eh! where is TTSH?
i was stunted for a sec
wahahahaa~ it was behind anywayz

it was orientation e whole day
we stayed in the lecture hall
had 2 tea breaks and a lunch break
slack leh…
so boring till i fell asleep

we’re suppose to end at 5pm
but they ended early
so we went home at 3pm instead

before going home
they provided us with tea and snacks
only the fried chicken was nice

going to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
shall tell u all about it later


had supper with sis a few days ago
shared a bowl of noodles
mum and dad got this from Taiwan

doesn’t it look delicious
e vegetables and mushroom inside
looks fresh…
*ham not included

look at this sunflower
so poor thing…
withered, so dry…

fake one lar. hahazZz.
it’s a fake withered flower
used to be so colourful
i wonder wat happened to it

a night with mag

we had chicken rice
at Yishun Central, as usual
then had a drink at Starbucks

talk about lots of stuffs
mag’s being farnie again

i’ll help u observe ya
dun worry lar

didn’t noe strangers will visit my blog
welcome strangers! hi to ya!
thx for visiting
thou my blog is crappy

e best thing is…
i try to update everyday
yupz… that’s for today~


went to JB with
my parents, aunt and me

we had lunch at City Square first
Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant

left – Cream Soup, watery
right – Borsch Soup, i like it

Iced Honey Lemon drink

Hot Coke with Ginger, not bad

Black Pepper Steak Rice

Stone Grilled Rice

Mark Six Curry with Spaghetti

Chocolate Snow Mellow
too milky, i really dun like this

Fresh Mango Snow Mellow
this is nice

after lunch we went for
Javanese Massage
it was my first time experience

this ginger tea is damn hot
i took at least 15mins to finish it

funny experience…
it was itchy but i cant laugh
it was painful but i cant scream
sometimes it’s comfy, wanna sleep
but i cant
cos pain comes rite after it

e lady promised us free spa
if we go the next session

went to Jusco, had our dinner
at Manhattan Fish Market
all of us shared a Platter for 2

the sauces, so little

bought Dunkin Donuts
read books in Popular
upgrade myself for my productions

something else…
think Cherub will be leaving me soon
stumbles whenever she walks
losing a lot of hair or fur

she’s eating and sleeping at e same time

and blu…
has got a lump on his right shoulder
poor thing…
he doesn’t look in pain by e way

bye for now. = p

no more exams

had my last paper today
it was ok, sure pass

hmm… some problems with my blog
background isn’t showing up
photobucket is resolving it now

took some photos in lecture hall K-2

aida and me (blur)

we had lunch at Naked Fish Shoppe
in Grassroots Club

us (blur)

us again

our drinks – lime juice and ice tea

my main course – Fins & Feathers
comes with breaded dory fillet
& grilled boneless chicken
with black pepper sauce

this is okay
dun really like e chicken
black pepper sauce is tasteless

e rest of them shared 2 sets
of seafood platter for 2
comes with salad

Mediterranean seafood platter

nisa veron and me

desert – mango pudding
it’s too sweet.

nisa and me

then we ordered a chocolate fondue for 2
5 of us shared it

oops. nisa lick tat off veron’s hand

karno and aida

all of us


i have no idea when nisa
took this candid shot
so ugly lo

outside e restaurant

and again… hahazZz
nisa holding on to e word molester

we were talking about
how we hate this pathway
it always the root problem
of us being late for school