Genting trip

*Ying bday post updated

took us 4hrs to reach KL
wondering how we ever reach there so fast?
speeding lar… wat else

waiting for my aunt and her family
who lives in KL
we were so hungry
food was so so yummy

claypot ‘mee tai mat’

my dad’s claypot ‘yee mian’

chao kway teow

took 1 hr to get to Genting
check-in Resort Hotel
looks quite budget leh
which isn’t suppose to be

but we had quite a good view
from the balcony

went out shop shop
then had dinner at Pizza Hut

these Breadstix sux
not nice, tastes a lil sour

chicken supreme pizza

watch movie “Ghost Rider”
rate it: 3-half
e ending was quite stupid

was so tired and i was so sick
down with flu and cough
so i slept early

next day, breakfast
glutinous rice from kampar
thx to my aunt for getting it

then go walk walk again
a view in First World Plaza

watch movie “Protege”
rate it:4-half
got some gruesome scenes
esp e smashing of e hand

dunno wat to eat for lunch
i wanted to eat at “Ah Yat Abalone”
but no money
so ended up eating pizza again
cos i cant eat fast food

Hawaiian Supreme

then dad called
asking us to eat at “Ah Yat”
duhxXx… but food is here already

after eating pizza
we went “Ah Yat” to look to mum and dad
they haven started eating yet
we just went in
and ordered a set to share
food there was delicious

goose feet and Abalone
abalone was small

shark’s fin soup

lotus leaf glutinous rice
very fragrant

deep fried fish fillet

egg tart

almond paste, i personally dun like this

went outdoor to take a walk
with mum and dad
the view was so nice

went back indoors
and look at e top prize
4500 tickets to exchange for it
these mutated dog cum rabbit
who would aim for this?

was time to go back to KL
slept on e way
till we reach a place for dinner
and haha… wat a spread!

they call this “lah lah”

crispy beancurd

curry fish head

pig trotters came last
and it was the best of all
but everyone was too full to finish it

back to singapore
took like only 3-half hours to reach

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