Ikea and Norbit

sis and i went out yday
it was e first day of freedom
after 3 days of visiting
which was so so boring

took 961 to Queensway
then we went to Ikea
to have e cheap & yummy hotdog

then we went to Ikea restaurant
we have e meatballs, chicken wing
and chocolate moose
so yummy~ too bad no pics

went shopping at
Queensway shopping centre
i saw a very nice shoulder bag

something like this
but it comes in peach and brown colour

i saw a pretty jacket too
might be getting it next month
yupz, i’ve already spent a lot this month
cos of e bangkok trip

ate at KFC
then we watch movie “Norbit”
it’s damn funny and good
rate it : 5

guys should watch more
it reminds u to be happy
with e galfren u have right now
really… gals do go and watch with ur bf

another movie i’m going to watch
“Meet the Robinsons”
boss: y can’t u get him?
dino: cos i have a big head and small arms
wahahahaa~ u all dun get e joke
well, jus look forward to it

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