Bangkok Trip: Last day

we had brunch at A&W
singapore has got no more A&W
so yupz, it was a great meal

they dun sell hotdog buns here
they only have burgers and fried chicken

the root beer

twisted fries

fried chicken
very fragrant and delicious


the A&W buddy

went shopping at pratumwan again
last minute shopping
bought 1 big bag of stuffs

thx to my bro
for playing at e internet cafe
we could leave our stuffs with him
and we can shop empty handed

then it was time to go to e airport
reach there too early
service there was bad, really bad
stupid luggage trolleys

check in time was late
and they told us boarding time was 7.20pm
when it’s suppose to be 8.20pm

the damn boarding area was so far
right at e end which is F6
so we were late by e time we reach

we waited there for abt 1 hr more
before boarding
damn service…
i was so hungry lo

getting inpatient while waiting

i definitely hate the new
Bangkok Airport…
i dun like e airport
everything else was great

Brownie with ice cream

last night i went down to
buy cookies and cream ice cream
and i had ice cream with my brownie
so nice~

*a message:
people are stupid
if their blogs are still ugly and untidy
after renovating

i could just finish my blog’s layout
in 2 hours. hahz
stupid people…
pot calling the kettle black