Bangkok Trip: Day 2

*updated: day 1 of Bangkok trip

woke up early
so we waited for mum and dad
to get ready

took some pics while waiting
so nice rite~

we walked to e train station
and took the train
to Jatujak Weekend Market

in e train

shop shop shop
finally our legs started to give way
so we decided to sit down for lunch
we ordered a lot

sister’s beef noodle soup
she complaint it was sweet
so i helped her with it
since i like sweet stuff

and dessert was great too
bro had banana split
the green whip cream is melon flavour

sis had this chocolate ice cream

and mine was banana choc

didnt have much stuff to buy here
u noe the handmade ice cream
sold in pasar malam in SG?
costs 3 baht here…
and SG costs like 80 cents
so cheap lo~

went back to hotel
took a rest
and our next stop was
the Erawan Shrine

went there to pray
they say it’s very good
but i didn’t really pray lar

the 4-face Buddha Shrine

after praying
we went to MBK centre
for more shopping
but i didnt get much there
things there r quite ex

not enough time for dinner
so we anyhow order at a Jap restaurant
e ramen there sucks, really

then saw something funny in e toilet
“toilet expressway”
queue numbers on e triangle metal plates

guess where we’re going at night?
Suan Lum Night Bazaar~!~
we’re going to take
a ride on e ferris wheel this time

excited before getting on
took pics really fast

with sis

bro and sis

view from ferris wheel 1

view 2

close up of ferris wheel

close up 2

took pics outside too
with sis

didn’t manage to buy much today
so it was quite a disappointing day

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