i’m back from Bangkok: day 1

finally back
and i’ve spent all
e money i brought to bangkok

i got so much:
– 1 pair of slippers
– 2 pairs of heels
– 20 T-shirts? think so
– 8 denim skirts
– 1 white skirt
– 2 low cut tops
– 1 dress
– 2 belts
– 1 long sleeve
– 2 watches
– 2 small bags
– pillow case
– 7 bikinis
– 1 small and 1 medium purse
– handphone strap cum keyring

walkthrough below, haha

at budget terminal
it’s my first time there
so small and it really looks ‘budget’

1st view

2nd view

3rd view

4th view

5th view

6th view

7th view

8th view

9th view

checking in…
my flight and time of departure

after checking in
the waiting area

1st view

2nd view

3rd view

the ‘budget’ toilet

my ‘budget’ plane ticket

got on e plane
felt like i’m president when boarding
cos we have to walk up the stairs
and this is the size of the plane

no screen, so e stewardess
have to demonstrate
the wearing of life vest and mask

and the new Bangkok Airport
looks like tat

everything sux in the airport
check-in area is so far
we have to walk so long
dunno wat’s e prob
with e long walkway to shops
the luggage trolley doesn’t work
it’s so hard to push

nice design, but e rest is stupid
saving money on escalators
toilets with little cubicles
very very little seating
no usage for big spacious areas

took a private mini-van to our hotel
for 1200 baht

pic with sis on van

my family on mini-van

lobby of our hotel
e fat lady at e reception sucks
their management sucks
it’s such a turn off

finally settled our hotel problems
went shopping at pratumwan
brought 1 long sleeve, a small bag
1 denim skirt, pillow case
and a low-cut top

had dinner at a seafood restaurant
e one i went to e 1st time i came to Bangkok

they serve e best tom yum soup ever

then we went to suan lum night bazaar
i bought 4 t-shirts, 1 belt,
1 pair of fake Birkenstock
and 1 bikini

the ferris wheel was really big
took a few pics

with sis

close up of ferris wheel

front of ferris wheel

took with sis too

and back to hotel
had a good night sleep
prepare for more shopping tml

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