me, my life and everybody

talk abt my life… everything

i admit tat my parents spoil me most
cos i noe wats rite and wrong
i’m a good gal, e one who listens
i dun talk back
tats why they dote me more

still dependent on my parents
believes tat parents will love u
no matter wat happens
no such thing as “parents hate me”

my siblings?
surely on good terms with my sis
abt my bro, he’s growing moss
always in his dark room, in front PC

he’s so terrible lo
he had a packet of veg rice
and chicken rice + extra rice
for lunch yday lo
so scary, crazy de

talk with sis about everything
she’s having quite a lifeless time now
work sleep work sleep…
yea, poor thing, tats y i hate working

and i…
jus wan to stay pretty
wear pretty clothes
i’ve got e figure and pretty legs
and i want to show off

i want to be a person who’s envied
and not someone who envies others
i dun need branded stuffs
dun wan the ‘branded’ thingy to be
e center of attraction
and i’ll be lower class then tat thingy
damn, tat sucks

so if i can let ppl feel tat cheap stuffs
can be nice too, esp when it’s on me
it simply means i’m good
yeah~!~ self-confidence up up up…

my friends…
well, i’ve not been good in e past
*u all noe why.
so yup, i’m trying to catch up with them
used to be close with them
but now… i have to keep running to catch up

the past
i’m got going back to my past
it’s terrible… sucks!
not gonna elaborate

all i want to do
is to keep stepping forward

I love Mum & Dad,
my family, frenz
and everybody else!

Love Life~