last week was OT
so what have i seen?
too bad, cos i only have 3 days there

removal of breast – mastectomy
removal of kidney, due to tumor
removal of fat tumor on leg
and skin graft
hmph, really nothing much

didn’t manage to scrub
cos most of e operations are major

this week is A&E
observation room is damn boring
consultation room, i gave injection
did a lot of ECGs

resuscitation room, hmm…
3 collapsed – passed away
quite young, around my daddy’s age
hope my dad won’t be like tat too
nose bleed, breathlessness
and drug overdose

i assisted in drug overdose
e lady was older than me
but so damn childish…
they inserted e oral-gastric tube
and i aspirated e gastric contents

did everything with e cost of
no pay overtime…
haiz~ damn tired now

tml morning shift
waiting for hair to dry up
and sleep early