Daddy’s Bday… yeah~ happy!

*updated Shuhui’s bday and
random posties post

Pa, Ma and I went to JB Jusco to celebrate dad’s bday
bro wanted to go de but too bad, his passport expired

Our first stop, Restoran Food and Tea


left: coffee in ‘Hong Kong’ style – RM 2.50
right: Sour Plum Sprite – RM 3.80

Mango & Kiwi ‘Tong Sui’ – RM 4.00

Black pepper pork chop spaghetti – RM 8.80

Cheese baked fried rice with chicken – RM 10.90
hmm… not for me, i hate cheese

Seafood Salad Roll – RM 4.80

Smoked Ham Focaccia – RM 4.80
it’s like pizza

Stir-fried Udon noodle with chicken – RM 7.30

2nd stop because dad complaining of headache, he needed coffee.

Restoran Black Canyon


Mocha Chips Ice-cream – RM 6.50

Daddy’s coffee, Coffee Frost – RM 8.95

Tin Roof Ice-cream – RM 4.50

then when to a gardening section in Jusco
cos dad wanted to go
got restaurant there too
think they sell ‘spanish’ food
‘quite’ ex lar, for ppl in Malaysia

this plant looks like a human

then with to Supermarket
bought a lot of tidbits
esp chachos, a 200g pack cost RM 4.10 only
so cheap lo

12 inch long sausage
hehe… but e person so bad
broke mine into half

then dinner, at Ayamas
hahazZz… half pepper chicken

then we went to Macau Express
had Yuan Yang Spaghetti and Mango Sago
damn full liaoz… wahahaa~ happy

we bought Dunkin Donuts home
just couldn’t resist this

oh ya. dad won 1st place 4D
wahahaa~ this week he win 3 times liao
only this time 1st place
hahaz… he’s gonna sponsor my bangkok trip