deleted old sad posts
dun wanna see them anymore
so yupz…

this medicated stick pad
really good

it’s really effective
my back wasn’t painful after 1st use

Ying’s bday

went to ying’s chalet yday night
not her actual day thou
so yupz…

took pics in e chalet before eating

not a lot of people there
so after eating
we had a lot of picture taking

quite scary leh
all 3 cameras taking photos together
makes u feel like some superstar

our 3 photographers, lol

quite formal pic

informal pic

ying a nun?

ying was busy with some other frenz
and we got bored…

tat’s got meaning to it
>>> 26/01/07

tats all…


i make lunchboxes sometimes
when i’m free, esp on weekends

most of the time
i’ll make egg & tuna sandwiches

it’s very filling and delicious
* i just had it for dinner
too lazy to go out and buy

try outs

tried making Japanese plum jelly
jelly solution all tied up
and ready to go inside e fridge

Guess wat i’m gonna do with these?

cookie baking!
gonna try a crunchie cookie recipe
mix mix mix
bake bake bake

and tadaa!

the plum jelly…
tried it while baking my cookie
it’s too soft, not enough gelatin
haiz~ trying orange jelly again

Crunchie cookies
with 1 missing ingredient
cos i was lazy…
dun wanna buy cocoa powder

average rating
not very nice
still can improve on it

update on my 2nd batch of jelly
orange flavour

not nice de, so dun try liao
cos the gelatin has a weird taste

lots of stuff to say

firstly, tis is good for mouth ulcers
jus apply 2 days and my ulcer is healed

watermelon frost

have been feeling unwell since Sunday
haiz~ sick, menses + chest & back muscle strain
damn painful lo

now still painful, haiz~

Blu has been so nice
he posed for me to take pics of him

1st pose

2nd pose

3rd pose

4th pose

5th pose

Cherub, hmm…
has not been very well
think she has got tumor
cos of her old age…

causing her pain,
she’s walking with
her butt high in e air
so poor thing~

took some pics of her too

close up

skin problem at e back of my neck
it’s been there for a long time
been trying lots of diff lotions
but useless… haiz~
now doing sea salt therapy
it’s now much better
hope it’s all well soon

that’s how it looks
left side:

right side:

had our 1st project meeting today
went well…
i hope it’ll still maintain good
and no stress~!~


down with flu, and a little sore throat
my nose is running like crazy

i’ve changed my computer
to the new one
while my dad use my old CPU
haha, so busy now
moving files to my new com
and installing programs too

my new computer

wat a day

stupid lo
because of those 2 gals
whole class have to stay back in school
and its just the problem with them

i didn’t want any one of them anyway
simple thing oso cannot decide
all they think is ‘revenge’
duhz- oh please lo

sorry to jesvin, cos i kind of shouted at her
cant control mah
who can stand this kind of nonsense

i shouted at e gals oso
for being childish
and not being able to ‘think’ at their age
project more impt than their ‘revenge’ lo

was suppose to treat sis lunch mah
then she waited for half hour
just because of this thing
but now settled le lar
cheng yang is joining our grp

nvm, forget abt tat

lunch at Ajisen Ramen with sis
its cheaper to eat at Bishan than Bugis
Bishan’s set costs $10.90
Bugis’ set costs $13.80
but variety of side dishes at Bishan is lesser

my Cray Fish Ramen

Cray Fish is small…

Miso Cha Shu Ramen

Chicken Cutlet

White Fish

my new family, erm i mean computer

hahazZz- 4th PC in the house
gonna remove tat dvd burner
and fix it on mine