update! charlene’s bday

i’m free to post it now
so yupz, updates… and i’ve added more songs to my RadioBlog

had dinner at ‘Balcony’, not much to order there
i wasn’t hungry so just ordered side dishes

all our food

our massaging sticks, got it from ‘MiniToons’ buy 4 get 1 free, cute hor?

group pic (*selene not here)

wanted to take pic in front of a xmas tree but e strangers dunno how to take lo, neva take e whole tree

our incomplete photo..

still incomplete thou ying took this

ying and mian had to leave early
saw mian’s bf and ask him to help
with our xmas tree photo

finally, complete xmas tree

we went to this shop ‘Mae.. Bistro’ something like tat in CineLeisure, had my dessert – Brownie with ice cream

see e necklace Char is wearing? tat’s part of her bday gift

e rest of e pics:

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