past few days

Snails spotted in pot outside my hse

took a pic of Cherub

Final Fantasy XII

like Star Wars
really lo…
started like how Star Wars ended
really funnie

quite hard to understand
so i dunno how to play
shall jus continue with FFX
i haven finish it yet

i passed my Supp Paper
yupz~ good good

will have 1 week hols in Feb

oh ya! u guys free.
jus click e links below
help me a little


What Tarot Card are You?

You are The Lovers

Motive, power, and action,
arising from Inspiration and Impulse.
The Lovers represents intuition and inspiration.
Very often a choice needs to be made.

Originally, this card was called just LOVE.
And that’s actually more apt than “Lovers.”

Love follows in this sequence
of growth and maturity.
And, coming after the Emperor,
who is about control,
it is a radical change in perspective.

LOVE is a force that makes you choose
and decide for reasons
you often can’t understand;
it makes you surrender control to a higher power.
And that is what this card is all about.

Finding something or someone
who is so much a part of yourself,
so perfectly attuned to you and you to them,
that you cannot, dare not resist.

This card indicates that the you have
or will come across a person, career,
challenge or thing that you will fall in love with.
You will know instinctively that you must have this,
even if it means diverging from your chosen path.
No matter the difficulties, without it
you will never be complete.

What Tarot Card are You?

Back from dinner

was late for dinner actually
hahazZz… Sorry~ Sorrie~
so just like stay for less than 1 hr
only talk for a little while

their attachment quite interesting
not bad… got ppl commit suicide
but sound so yucky

Veron so good lo
her job get $10 per hr
wah!!! i want oso…

Dad & Mum’s Taiwan HongKong Trip

yeah… they’re back since Sunday and i only managed to get e pics to post about it now

all of us must be interested, wat they brought back rite?

3 Winter Coats… they say very cheap, S$6 each only. i dunno wat for, Singapore very hot leh

3 stacks of DVD-rewritable, very cheap mahz
at least this is good stuff but hor… i think my burner, dunno can burn DVD or not

Bamboo Charcoal, Mummy placed 3 infront of my PC say can block radiation. i’m like “???, wat e heck?” ok lo, at least it’s decorated nicely

Piggies for us… e kind whr u pull to separate them. one of them vibrates and they’re together again

Damn Sweet Fruit looks like Soursop but it’s not. so very sweet lo, can make syrup like they’re given ‘sugar injection’ since they are seeds and very expensive S$6++ each, my parents crazy

Taiwan famous for their ‘Muah Chee’, i only like Green tea flavour… e rest is yucky lo

Rice Cake Coco Pie, i haven eat this yet

Black Sesame with Peanuts, haven eat this yet too

Peanuts with ginger flavour sugar, nice and really chunchy, tiring to eat
e other one, not bad only lar

Peanuts again… with black skin, they call this ‘Black Pearl’. i find this funnie lo.. hehe…

best thing of all? toothbrushes from diff hotels and my mummy was so proud of
how she managed to ‘steal’ e plane’s hand lotion and face moisturizer out of e toilet (they took Cathay Pacific by e way), damn embarassing lo. u wouldn’t want to noe and i dun wanna say…

having menses packaged with ‘bad mood’ today, cramps… argh~!~ calm down gal-

going out have Long John Silver with Veron and Karno later. hahaz… no money mahz

Quiz – appointed by yingx2

full name : loh ying lu
-name backwards : ul gniy hol
-meaning of name : precious gemstone
-nickname : -nil-
-screen name : thesushi, nicesushi

-D.O.B : 04/o6/1986
-horosope : Gemini
-place of birth : Gleneagles Hospital
-nationality : Singaporean
-current location : in front of my PC

-religion : Buddism
-height : 1.59 metre
-weight : 48 kg
– sh0e size : 6 or 7
-hair colour : black
-eye colour : brown
-who do you look like : daddy, mummy and sister lo.
-innie or outtie : innie
-lefty or righty : right
-gay,straight,bi or others : straight

-best friends : hmm… lots lots
-best friends you trust most : hmm…
-favourite pals : pals and frenz gt diff meh?
-best friends of opposite side : -nil-
-best buddies : now buddies… same as frenz wat…
-b0yfriend or girlfriend : yupz
-crushh : -nil-
-parents : stupid qns
-Worst enemy : stupid idiots
-favourite online guy : duh!
-favourite online girl : …
-craziest friends : all frenz r crazy!
-advise friend: hmm… lots, get diff advise from diff ppl
-loudest friend : all frenz r loud.
-person you cry with : i dun cry with ppl
-any sisters : yup
-any brothers : yup
-any disease : -nil-

-pager : who? who? who still use tat thingy?
-personal Phone line : hp lo.
-phone : SE K750i
-lave lamp : nah
-Pool or hot tub : hot
-a car : volkwagen

-your personality : so long… how to say?
-Driving : huh? i’m nt e one driving lo
-Room : messy
-What missing : him
-school: pls refer to my profile
-bed : single
-relationship with parents : close

-Believe in yourself : ya
-Believe in first sight of love : yup
-Good listener : yup
-Get along well with parents: same qns..
-Save e-mail convos : ???
-Pray: free thinker
-Believe in reincarnation : teeny bit lo..

-make fun of people : *nods head*
-Like to talk on the phone : ok lo
-Want to get married : yup yup
-Like to drive : no
-motion Sickness : no

-Eat stem of Broccoli : fine with it
-Eat chicken with fork : quite stupid lo, tis qns
-Dream in colours : i dun dream for colours
-Type with your fingers on your home roles : ???
-Sleep with stuff animals : yup yup.

-next to you : nothing
-On the walls on ur room : a layer of lavender coloured- paint
-On your mosepad : mouse lar…

-Dream car : same qns
-Dream date : hmm…
-Dream Honeymoon spott : somewhr romantic
-Dream husband or wife : him

-Bedtime : huh?
-Under your bed : sister’s bed lo
-Single most important question : money
-Bad time of the day : unlucky stuffs happen
-our worse fear : no food !!!

-Time : 12.08PM
-Date : 14/12/o6
-Best trick did on someone : dun remember
-Theme song : refer to RadioBlog

-Hardest thing about growing up : grow up lo
-Funniest experience : dun remember
-Scariest experience : being with a ‘monster’
-sillest thing you have ever said : eh???
-Most desperate and funniest thing u have done to get the opposite sex: …
-Scariest thing when u are with your friends : ???
-Worst feelings : getting hurt deeply
-Best feeling in the world : being together with dear

Have to choose six people to do this QUIZ.
– dunno lar… whoever want do, do lor.

update! charlene’s bday

i’m free to post it now
so yupz, updates… and i’ve added more songs to my RadioBlog

had dinner at ‘Balcony’, not much to order there
i wasn’t hungry so just ordered side dishes

all our food

our massaging sticks, got it from ‘MiniToons’ buy 4 get 1 free, cute hor?

group pic (*selene not here)

wanted to take pic in front of a xmas tree but e strangers dunno how to take lo, neva take e whole tree

our incomplete photo..

still incomplete thou ying took this

ying and mian had to leave early
saw mian’s bf and ask him to help
with our xmas tree photo

finally, complete xmas tree

we went to this shop ‘Mae.. Bistro’ something like tat in CineLeisure, had my dessert – Brownie with ice cream

see e necklace Char is wearing? tat’s part of her bday gift

e rest of e pics:

usual hangout

went JB again
watch movie “DeJa Vu”, it was a great movie
rate it 4 and a half
a little cruel, disgust

it was movie day yday, only RM6 per ticket. woah~ so damn cheap lo

wanted to get my ‘Sims 2’ but they dun have it in City Square, very sad and disappointed lo

then had dinner at e HK restaurant, i had ‘black pepper beef udon’ again and the drink was so delicious~, it’s called ‘Ah Tow and Ah Tang Story’

nothing much le, gonna randomly post something else. hmm…

attachment at St. Andrew Day Rehab was damn boring, wondering why we had to go there
totally nothing to do

a pic inside Day Rehab

wards in St. Andrews very big lo, every 2 cubicles got 1 toilet and the toilet same size as the ward
i dun have pics of the wards, so too bad~

took a pic with a rehab client, he looks like e actor from “The Pacifier”. wahahahaa~

also Velocity at Novena Square is open

bye~ going out buy ‘Sims 2’